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God damn lyrics with english translation from ek tha raja album | Badshah × karan aujla (مترجمة بالعربية)


 🎵 song : God damn

 🎬Movie : Ek tha raja album

🎤 Singer: Badshah × karan aujla

Lyrics : Badshah & Karan Aujla

🎼 Music: Badshah & Karan Aujla

 Cast: Badshah & Karan Aujla

 Label: Badshah 

 أغنية مترجمة بالعربية من غناء بادشاه و كاران اوجلا

أغنية God damn مترجمة بالكلمات


God damn lyrics with english translation 


  Chhad Di Ae Bhaf Jiwein Sona Nakhro
Dasde Ki Chahida Dawauna Nakhro
Pehliyan Ch Yara Bade Kande Kade Ya
Eh Na Sochi Ni Mei Kalla Gauna Nakhro

Karan Aujla compliments the girl, admiring her beauty
He tells the girl that he is willing to do anything for her and fulfill all her desires
He clarifies that he has previously corrected many misunderstandings about himself
And asserts that he is not just a singer

Nakhre Nawabi Kudi Shahi Lagdi
Yar Tera Sick Tu Dawayi Lagdi
Paya Hove Resham Tabahi Lagdi
Saturday Dubai De Trip

Having the attitude of a royal princess and looking like a queen
Himself to her patient, saying that she is the medicine
How lovely she looks with her feet adorned with silk
She takes trips to Dubai on Saturdays

Hai Ik Tera Nakhra Ni Ek Teri Drip
Jordan Pairan Wich Kar Di Na Trip
Haath Vich Fadeya Ni Cup Lal Rang Da
Sukh Nal Hauli Hauli Kardi Ae Sip

She has a distinctive tantrum and a unique way of walking
She wears Jordans and doesn’t care
She holds a red cup in her hand
Sipping slowly and happily

Super-Skinny Jeans Over Sized Hoodie
Paake Puwada Koi Chaddu Ajj Kudi
Vekhdi Ae Gutt Te Vekdhi Na Time
Hauli Hauli Nache God Damn

She has put on super tight jeans and an oversized hoodie
Today she is going to cause some trouble for someone
She is indifferent to the time
She dances slowly, very impressively

Haye Matthe Uthe Bindi Naiyo
Darshan Dindi Naiyo
Haaye Dooron Dekhe Bariyan Vichon

The bindi on her forehead is truly mesmerizing
Even though she keeps herself at a distance from me
I can spot her gazing at me through the window from time to time

Kardi Sawariyan Ni
Chad Di Chaubare Paudi
Uttre Ferariyan Vichon

As she strides up the stairs of the mansion
I can’t help but notice her arriving in style
Stepping out of a luxurious Ferrari

Nakhre Dikhaundi Main Kya Kinne Nakhron
Aidaan Na Karo Kehndi Ohda Na Karo

It seems like she enjoys displaying her tantrums
And frequently demands that I comply with her requests

Akkad Dikhaun Wich Yar Vi Pro
Mainu Lagdi Spain Ton Te Sune Afro

However, I too am skilled in exhibiting confidence and assertiveness
Based on her appearance, I suspect that she hails from Spain and has an Afro hairstyle

Oh Tikha Nak Aidda Jaban Aiddi Chhuri
Paake Puwada Koi Chaddu Ajj Kudi
Kaala Suit Paya Badi Lagdi Ae Ghaint
Hauli Hauli Nache God Damn

She possesses a distinctively pointed nose and a tongue that is equally sharp
Her beauty has the potential to land someone in trouble
She appears stunning in a black suit
Her slow dance movements are absolutely breathtaking

Nashe Di Ni Lod Chadi Jandi Lor Akhan Wichon
Vodka Main Laake Rakhi Aan
Khan Nu Paindi Kudi Delhi Wich Rehndi
Ohdi Sariyan Friend-an Jatiyan

Her eyes have captivated me, I don’t need any substances to feel intoxicated
She’s a strong woman from Delhi and her friends are from the Jatt caste

Ek Vaari Das De Tu Mangdi Ae Ki
I Can Make A Snow Baby Kar Le Tu Ski

Let me know what you want me to do
I can build a snowman for you or we can go skiing

Kalakar Jehde Tere Peeche Ohna Ton
Afford Nai Honi Mittran De Feature Di Fee

The musicians who are interested in you can’t afford to pay the fee
Required to feature me in their songs

Super-Skinny Jeans Over Sized Hoodie
Paake Puwada Koi Chaddu Ajj Kudi
Vekhdi Ae Gutt Te Vekdhi Na Time
Oh Main Kya Hauli Hauli Hauli Hauli Hauli

She is donning super skinny jeans and an oversized hoodie
It seems like she might be heading towards trouble
Time seems to hold no value for her
And as she move about slowly, dancing with an undeniable allure

Oh Fadeya Je Haath Tera Chhadun Na Grip
Vekhi Kidda MIC Kar De Flip
Badhshe Da Gaana La Ke Rakdi Repeat Te
Aujle Da Gana Kudi Kare Na Skip

I will always be by your side, never letting go of your hand
It’s interesting to see how the microphones are going to switch
She keeps listening to Badshah’s song on repeat
She doesn’t skip Aujla’s song

Super-Skinny Jeans Over Sized Hoodie
Pake Phuada Koi Chaddu Ajj Kudi
Vekhdi E Gutt Te Vekdhi Na Time

She is donning super skinny jeans and an oversized hoodie
Exuding an air of recklessness that is bound to cause trouble for someone today
She doesn’t care watching the time


God Damn song by Badshah. God Damn. Ek Tha Raja Badshah


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